Call (951) 609-4028 to speak with an agent.

Call (951) 609-4028 to speak with an agent.

Life Insurance

You know the importance of insuring the valuable things in your life…your car, your cell phone, an endorsement on your homeowners policy for an engagement ring, or an extended warranty on your computer, but what about the people in your life? A life insurance policy can help provide consistency if you’re faced with a financial hardship.

Reasons to review your life insurance policy with us:

  • Birth of a child
  • Buying a home
  • Retirement
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Accepting a Pension
  • Salary Increase
  • Getting a new job
  • Starting a business
  • Funding a family trust
  • An expiring Term Life Policy

There are two principle types of life insurance, Term and whole life. Whole life or Permanent life insurance offers tax-deferred cash build up which can be a great asset down the line for retirement and estate protection.

Term life insurance provides pure death benefit coverage if death occurs during the term of the policy, which is usually from one to 30 years and has no other benefit provisions.

Whatever your life insurance needs, we can help you find a policy with coverage at competitive rates.

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Individual & Family Health Insurance

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act is still in effect, but with so many proposed bills, executive orders and rumors, you may be confused about the current status of its various provisions.

Individual/Family Medical Insurance

We can help most people find a medical insurance plan within their budget, from a wide range of benefits to a high-deductible plan to protect your family from the cost of catastrophic illness. These plans meet the requirements of the ACA health care reform so you will not have to pay a penalty.

We also offer supplemental insurance plans that pay a fixed amount to you for unexpected medical costs that your insurance won’t cover. These include hospitalization insurance (or hospital indemnity insurance), critical illness insurance and cancer insurance. These supplemental insurance plans will pay benefits that you can choose to use however you wish if you suffer a hospitalization or covered illness.

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Medicare Plans

Understanding your Medicare coverage choices can be perplexing. Should you stay with Original Medicare, which provides only hospital and medical coverage? Original Medicare, plus a Medicare Supplement from a private insurer? Or should you select a Medicare Advantage plan through a private insurer to take care of all your health insurance needs?

Whatever your Medicare health plan needs, let us help you compare your options and educate you on how these products can serve you well.

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Long Term Care

According to the Genworth 2017 Cost of Care Survey, conducted by Care Scout in June 2017, nursing home care in Los Angeles County would cost you $84,315 annually for a semi-private room. This most certainly would put a strain on the finances of almost any family. Medicare does not cover custodial care, only medical and rehabilitative care and then only the first 20 days. Unless you have a savings or long term care insurance, you would have to spend down your assets until you could qualify for a public program such as Medicaid (also known as Medi-Cal in California).

Long term care insurance (LTC) can help you pay for the cost of nursing home care and other long term care support services for yourself or an elderly dependent.

As our population ages, new financial products are offering many more options. We can help you customize a plan and get qualified.

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The Affordable Care Act requires all new (non-grandfathered) health insurance plans in the individual and small employer markets to include dental coverage for children age 19 and younger as an “essential health benefit.” All consumers under 19 are automatically covered by dental benefits that are embedded in health plans purchased on the Covered California marketplace or off the marketplace directly through the health plan carrier. Dental coverage for adults is not an “essential health benefit” under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, so dental coverage for adults is offered separately from the health insurance plans through family dental plans. No financial assistance is available to purchase these dental plans.

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Vision care is an “essential health benefit” under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, so vision benefits for children are included in all Covered California plans. Vision care for adults is not considered an essential health benefit and is not offered as an embedded benefit for adults.

What we offer?

Through our consumer facing website, you can find a variety of stand alone plan options.

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